Do you dream of a flat, firm, and slim stomach, but a lengthy recovery period and an unsightly scar discourage you from having an abdominoplasty procedure? Then choose mini tummy tuck – it’s a less invasive surgery than a full tummy tuck. During mini-plastic surgery, our NYC surgeon reduces fat and removes excess skin only from the lower abdomen – without moving the navel and significantly reducing the risk of scarring. That beach body you have been dreaming of is right around the corner.


Mini abdominoplasty (mini tummy tuck) is a procedure very similar to full abdominoplasty but requires much less surgical intervention. During the operation, our NYC surgeon removes the folds of skin and fat located below the navel, which is why a mini tummy tuck is aimed at patients dissatisfied only with the appearance of the lower abdomen.

Who will benefit from a mini tummy tuck? First of all, people who have changed their current lifestyle and went through a significant weight loss journey. A common side effect of weight loss is sagging skin and numerous stretch marks visible on the stomach. Women, who underwent one or more pregnancies, may find the procedure the ideal option to eliminate the stubborn folds and achieve a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance. Many people enjoy a healthy weight, take care of their diet and regular exercise, and still observe excess belly fat.


The most significant advantage of mini-abdominoplasty is a short incision – even twice as small as in the case of a full tummy tuck, often resembling the cut performed during C-section. Our NYC surgeon makes an incision in the skin near the pubic hairline so that the potential future scar can be covered with underwear or a bathing suit. For women who have had a Caesarean section in the past, the new incision will match the existing scar.

The mini tummy tuck procedure does not create a new belly button, which is a complicated pursuit that always accompanies full abdominoplasty. In the case of correction of the lower abdomen, the navel with a flap of skin is moved slightly downwards. Another advantage of mini-abdominoplasty is a shorter recovery period than in the case of classic plastic surgery of this part of the body, which means a faster return to your regular daily activities.

Another advantage of the mini tummy tuck is the relatively low cost of the procedure. Mini abdominoplasty is much simpler and less time-consuming than a full abdominal plastic surgery but requires the same levels of precision and experience!

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The result of the mini-plastic surgery is a beautiful, flat, and firm belly. Of course, we have to wait several weeks or months, sometimes even half a year, to see the final result of the procedure – the splendidly modeled abdomen will be fully visible only after the wounds have healed and the swelling has disappeared. Improving the physique also has a considerable impact on the well-being and high self-esteem of patients.

Remember that a flat stomach and a beautiful body will stay with us longer if we change our lifestyle to a more active one and eliminate unhealthy nutritional habits from the diet. You may also be advised to drop a few pounds before undergoing a mini tummy tuck procedure to minimize the risks associated with surgical intervention and achieve more aesthetically-pleasing results.


A pre-treatment consultation is always required before the procedure. During the visit, our experienced surgeon discusses all the details of preparation before the surgery and post-op care and answers all the questions you might have about the procedure itself. Few factors need to be established before qualifying for the mini tummy tuck, including good general health, lack of other diseases or their proper treatment, not smoking, satisfactory results of laboratory tests and other additional tests that may be required, and a positive assessment for surgery under general anesthesia. If you have any chronic diseases, please inform your doctor about them. You should not take blood thinners and, what is very important, stop smoking cigarettes one month before and one month after the procedure! Patients who are overweight often do not qualify for the mini tummy tuck. First of all, you should obtain the appropriate body weight, not exceeding 25 BMI. The treatment is not designed for weight loss but rather for sculpting what proper nutrition and exercise could not handle.


The procedure may be performed using different surgical methods, depending on the patient’s unique needs. Most often, it consists of liposuction and the reduction of excess skin in the lower abdomen. The incision is about half as short as with traditional tummy tuck.


During the first 10-14 days, the abdomen may be swollen and may show slight bruising. The feeling in the lower stomach may be reduced or completely absent, but after approximately three months, the condition returns to the state it was before the procedure. It is highly advised not to smoke tobacco products for four weeks following the surgery. A special compression garment has to be worn at all times, which can be removed for bathing. The patient should abstain from rigorous activities, exercise, or sexual intercourse for approximately four weeks or as recommended by the surgeon.


The number of complications with a mini tummy tuck is substantially lower than with full abdominal plastic surgery. The side effects are very similar to those in the case of a traditional abdominoplasty. Possible complications include hematoma, seroma formation (subcutaneous reservoirs of fluid), wound dehiscence, infection, wound edge necrosis, asymmetry, or excessive scarring. Treatment may be conservative or, in rare cases, surgery may be required. The patient should follow the post-operative recommendations and report to follow-up visits on scheduled dates in order to minimize the risk of complications. Complications are rare when following medical advice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mini Tuck


Patients with loose skin, abdominal separation, excess belly fat, and/or scarring below the navel are good candidates for a mini abdominoplasty. The ideal candidate will already be at or near their ideal body weight, since abdominoplasty is not intended to be a weight loss procedure or as a substitute for living a healthy lifestyle. To determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure, come in for an in-person evaluation.

How can a mini abdominoplasty fix a C-section scar?

By targeting the lower abdomen, we can revise or potentially even remove the old C- section scar and replace it with a straighter, thinner scar in a more inconspicuous location. It’s important to note that a mini abdominoplasty will leave a scar of its own and that we are only aiming to replace or revise the unfavorable C-section scar with a more precise surgical scar. The incision line for mini abdominoplasty surgery is only a few inches or less, making it smaller than the typical C-section scar.

I don’t have loose skin or excess fat, but I have an unsightly C-section scar. Is a mini abdominoplasty right for me?

Absolutely. If you only want to revise your C-section scar, then we can tailor the procedure to suit your needs. Patients undergoing a C-section scar revision will have a shorter procedure with a quicker recovery time.

How soon after giving birth can I undergo C-section scar revision?

We recommend waiting for at least six months to one year after finishing breastfeeding before undergoing a C-section scar revision. Patients interested in a mini abdominoplasty should also be done having children, as future pregnancies can distort and ruin results.

Can a mini abdominoplasty be part of a mommy makeover procedure?

Yes, abdominoplasty procedures are commonly part of a comprehensive approach to restoring mothers’ bodies after the effects of pregnancy. We can discuss all of your concerns with you during an initial consultation and will help you form an individualized treatment plan that meets all of your needs.

What’s the difference between a traditional tummy tuck and a mini tummy tuck?

Traditional abdominoplasty addresses loose skin, excess fat and diastasis recti located throughout the entire abdominal region. A mini abdominoplasty focuses specifically on the area of the abdomen below the navel, meaning the belly button and any skin or tissue above it is not affected by the procedure. Because a mini abdominoplasty is a smaller procedure, the recovery is quicker and the resulting scar is more minimal than a traditional abdominoplasty.


Results following a mini abdominoplasty are lifelong. In order to best preserve your results, you should be capable of maintaining a stable body weight and be prepared to commit to a relatively healthy lifestyle, as future weight gain can negatively impact your results.