Aesthetic medicine has evolved from where it was in previous decades. With technology that is available today, procedures that were once inconceivable and unaffordable have now become a reality. However, steep markups by clinics make LIposuction accessible to the masses. The Lipo Group was founded on the principles of providing premier services for Liposuction, even to those who once thought it was out of there reach. We can now bridge the gap of who has access to the highest level of Aesthetic procedures. The Lipo Group seeks to cultivate their practice to feel and function as an integral part of the community they live in and serve. In fact, you may be your doctor’s neighbor, friend, and patient all at once. Here, you can enjoy a personal and highly productive relationship with your provider while also having your procedure and recovery in an environment that offers great luxury. Our providers and staff bring an unsurpassed level of passion for our work and we pride ourself on the results we achieve for his patients. The real reward, however, comes from knowing that he has helped his patients realize a look which can help bring joy to all aspects of their lives and improve their wellbeing. Experience the difference we can make.