It is the desired body shape effect that will ultimately satisfy the patient, not necessarily the specific implemented procedures. Patients often visit the aesthetic medicine clinic for body contouring in order to fill the gaps after plastic surgery or diet and training that have not fully dealt with their problem. Lower Body Lift by means of cosmetic medicine is the icing on the cake and the culmination of the whole process. The final result often depends on the imagination, aesthetic sense, knowledge, and experience of a practitioner. Sometimes it is better to communicate your expectations to the doctor instead of focusing on the particular treatments.


Our body is influenced by several factors, such as our lifestyle, diet, previous pregnancies, and the inevitable aging processes. They change the appearance of our physique throughout life, but there are also some immutable aspects, such as our genetic makeup. Our genes are responsible for our bone structure (thicker or thinner), muscular systems (volume), or body proportions. Some of these determinants are virtually impossible to alter.

Our skeletal system, for instance, is not subject to change. We are not able to lengthen the legs or slimmer the ankles in people with thicker bones. We cannot influence the muscles with the help of aesthetic medicine either. You can expand your muscles only through a regular exercise routine.

So, what can aesthetic medicine offer? Practitioners can act on the more outer layers of our body, such as adipose tissue and skin. All methods of modeling the figure in cosmetic medicine are based on shaping these layers of the body for two reasons. First, it is simply “technically” feasible because these are two layers that are well suited to modeling treatments. Secondly, their changes are relatively safe. We can get rid of adipose (fatty) tissue without fear of harming your health.

What is a Lower Body Lift?

Lower body lift, or medically known as a belt lipectomy, as the name suggests, is a technical evolution of previously performed procedures aimed at improving the shape of the abdomen, hips, buttocks, and thighs. The treatment can be implemented as part of the Mommy Makeover approach to help women post pregnancies regain their glamour. The complete belt lipectomy includes the traditional tummy tuck extending to your thighs and buttocks to achieve a comprehensive transformation.

For optimal results, a lower body lift can be combined with traditional liposuction or Smart Lipo. The two procedures will target two different layers that we can modify, providing an outstanding body contour.

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There are certain factors that need to be considered before committing to a lower body lift. The belt lipectomy removes loose skin, sculpting your contour to enhance the effects of your weight loss. Your regained confidence and wholehearted happiness is a by-product of the modeling treatment, allowing you to enjoy your life fully. The procedure targets overly sagging skin, which will eliminate the issues related to movement, rashes, and infections.

However, the procedure requires extensive surgical intervention, which includes significant downtime and recovery. Minimal scarring along the bikini line is also possible.

While everyone congratulates you on your weight loss journey, what is masked with clothes can still contribute to your low self-esteem. What are the indications for a lower body lift?

  • Excess skin in the abdomen area
  • Loose and withered skin in the buttocks and thighs
  • You went through a considerable weight loss or bariatric surgery.
  • Pregnancy significantly affected your body proportions.
  • The aging process left its mark, causing loose skin and cellulite due to the insufficient production of collagen.
  • You are a non-smoker – smoking inhibits the healing process and promotes postoperative complications.
  • You achieved a healthy weight that is to be maintained after the procedure through nutrition and exercise.
  • Your general health is in good condition without any significant underlying ailments, such as diabetes or heart disease.


In order to better prepare for the treatment, the diet before the surgery cannot be restrictive because protein deficiency hinders the healing of postoperative wounds. However, you should implement a few modifications to your nutrition. The diet should be easily digestible, eliminating the excessive consumption of fatty, flatulent foods, and alcohol. It is worth paying attention to preparations that may cause excessive bleeding, such as excessive amounts of vitamin E and drugs containing acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin and its derivatives). Chili, cayenne, saffron, onion, celery, and horseradish can also increase the risk of bleeding.


Thanks to the constant development of surgical techniques, plastic and aesthetic surgery guarantee the possibility of faster recovery and spectacular results. The basic approach for the success of our Lipo Group clinic includes top-class specialists and a fully informed patient. Our center promises world-class services, as well as a shorter recovery process and a lower risk of complications. Patients who decide to undergo the procedure at Lipo Group clinic receive comprehensive information about treatment options – from the process of qualifying for the procedure through discussing the expected and realistic effects, possible complications, to a list of necessary tests, detailed course of treatment, and postoperative management. One of the most technologically advanced facilities in the nation guarantees an individual approach to each patient. Our clinic has been arranged with the most excellent precision and accuracy, ensuring the safety and comfort you deserve.