Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a procedure that removes excess breast fat and tissue. Many women decide on doing a Breast Reduction Surgery because they feel that their chest or breasts are out of proportion with their body.

Women’s breasts, as a result of breastfeeding, significant weight loss, time, or as a result of genetic injustice, can lose their firmness. Due to the natural aging processes, many women develop breast ptosis, a condition characterized by their sagging appearance. If you want to prevent this from happening and slow down the ruthless effects of time, it’s worth investing your time and effort into chest exercises that will strengthen the muscles that support your breasts.

But what if it is already a bit late for such preventive actions? In those situations, a surgical breast lift may be your best option. Breast lifting can be combined with implant augmentation, thanks to which the bust will not only be fitly lifted but also gain a larger, fuller size.


Breasts are an attribute of femininity. At all ages, we strive to take care of the aesthetic appearance of the breasts. As time goes on, exercise and daily care are not enough. Loss of breast skin elasticity is a problem that women often struggle with after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss. Unfortunately, the tightness of our skin also decreases over the years – the breasts lose their youthful, firm appearance, and thus we struggle with our self-acceptance and our self-esteem. Thanks to the breast lift treatment (also called a mastopexy), our breasts can regain their youthful turgor, and our complexes will disappear.

Who qualifies for a Breast Lift Procedure?

The first group of patients are women with large breasts and, at the same time, with a high degree of sagging breasts. In those situations, apart from aesthetic reasons, the accompanying ailments also play a significant role. Large saggy breasts sometimes put even a few pounds of additional burden on the spine. As a result, the ladies suffer from severe back pain, migraines, and shortness of breath. The second group of patients includes women with small breasts and a high degree of flabbiness. In these women, the most frequently indicated surgery is a breast lift with simultaneous implantation of breast implants. The third group consists of women with high breast asymmetry or a certain degree of deformation. The difference in the appearance of both breasts may be compensated by performing breast lift surgery.

Breast lift surgery or augmentation with implants?

Breast lifting procedures are performed when we know that merely inserting an implant of the correct size into the breast will not give a satisfactory result. Additionally, insertion of a larger implant may cause the patient aesthetic discomfort in the form of disturbed body proportions. In this case, depending on the size and degree of sagging breasts, breast lift surgery can be performed. The procedure can also be combined with the insertion of implants if desired and applicable.

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Breast lift surgery is an invasive procedure, but it brings outstanding results. During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will evaluate the complexity of the problem and take appropriate measurements. The specialist will assess the anatomical structure, the degree of sagging breasts, the firmness of the skin, and the position and size of the nipples. Based on this information, he will propose to the patient the most advantageous method of surgery – a technique that will bring the expected results. The breasts will return to their former place, regaining their shape and firmness.


In the case of a particular group of patients, in order to obtain the best effect, it may be necessary to combine the breast lift procedure with the use of breast implants. And in some situations, instead of performing a breast lift surgery, inserting small implants might be a more suitable and sufficient option—patients with small sagging breasts who want the lifting effect and a slightly fuller shape.

Is a breast lift a safe procedure?

This question should be asked before any type of surgery. Breast lift is relatively safe, but it is an invasive procedure. In order to minimize the risk, it is necessary to limit all factors that increase the probability of complications. You should undergo surgery only with an experienced plastic surgeon who meets all formal criteria. The plastic surgery clinic has to meet all the requirements as well. During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will conduct a very detailed interview in order to exclude contraindications. It is necessary to order the appropriate tests. Based on this information, a decision will be made whether or not you qualify for the procedure.

On the other hand, the surgeon should make an effort to gain the patient’s trust. Appropriate credentials, years of experience, attention to detail, and a welcoming atmosphere are among few things to look out for that will establish a trustworthy mutual relationship. The decision must also be made fully consciously by the patient.

What is the breast lift procedure?

The breast lift procedure focuses on skin reduction and changes in the position of the mammary gland. The breast nipple and the areola are surgically lifted to create a beautiful and youthful breast contour. Although the incisions performed during the procedure are thin, the scarring may be very obvious for a few months or even years following the procedure. Even with advanced cutting edge techniques, the complete reduction of scars may be unachievable. Typically, scars gradually fade away and become almost unnoticeable, but the patient needs to be informed of potential and minimal aesthetic side effects.

Contraindications to the breast lift procedure

As with all surgical procedures, the overall poor health of the patient is a high-risk factor. Potential contraindications include unregulated diabetes or blood coagulation disorders. Smoking is also an unfavorable factor. The procedure should not be performed during pregnancy, lactation, or menstruation.


Another pregnancy, age, or weight change may reverse the surgical effect. Therefore, as with any surgery, decisions must be made consciously and at the right time in life. Nutritional discipline should be followed after surgery. For women who devote a lot of time to physical activity, an adequately selected sports bra is also the right solution.

Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Lift

Who is a good candidate for breast lift surgery?

Good candidates for a breast lift are Manhattan, NY women who are done having children and are unhappy with the position of their breasts. Breast lift surgery can make breastfeeding difficult, while pregnancy can distort results and cause breasts to sag, so patients should be sure they are done having children to ensure they receive the most out of their procedure. If you would like to learn if you are a good candidate for mastopexy based on your breasts’ position and your desired results, then schedule a consultation with us to receive an in-person evaluation.


A breast lift can restore your breasts to a more youthful position, counteracting the effects of pregnancy and aging. However, it will not stop breasts from continuing to sag. Some patients require a revision breast lift after enjoying their results for several years, while others enjoy lifelong results from their surgery. In order to best prolong your results, live a healthy lifestyle, maintain a stable weight, and avoid smoking.

Can I shower or swim after my breast lift?

You will be required to keep your bandages on for 24 to 48 hours, during which you cannot shower. After your bandages have been removed, you are free to shower. However, you will need to avoid bathing or submerging your breasts in still water until your incisions have completed healed. Most patients can go swimming after about one month.

What kind of bra will I need to wear after surgery?

You will need to wear a tight, supportive bra while your breasts heal to provide support as they adjust to their new position. Compression will also help reduce swelling. Avoid under-wire bras for several weeks as they might distort the shape of your breasts and can harm your incisions. Most patients can resume wearing normal bras after one month.

Can I sleep on my stomach after surgery?

No, avoid sleeping on your stomach for about four weeks to keep pressure off your chest. We will go over this and any other important lifestyle changes with you prior to your surgery so you can better prepare yourself for a quick and comfortable recovery.

How visible will the scars be?

The visibility of your scars will depend on which breast lift method was employed during your procedure. Incisions made around the areola will blend in well with the surrounding tissue. Incisions in other places will eventually fade to thin white lines, but the results will outweigh any visible scarring. We will take great care during and after your surgery to ensure scarring is kept to a minimum.