At The Lipo Group, we are dedicated to your whole health and well-being. And for us, that means looking and feeling your best, too. That’s why we’re excited to provide you an innovative weight-loss procedure with the EVOLVE® system. Learn more here about how it works and whether you’re a good candidate for treatment.

What is EVOLVE?

EVOLVE is a part of nonsurgical body contouring, or lipolysis, a group of treatments that eliminates fat and tightens up skin without the use of invasive surgery. EVOLVE is a form of radiofrequency lipolysis, which means that the machine administers radiofrequency waves to targeted parts of your body.

Radiofrequency waves are a form of ultrasound technology, making them safe and gentle on your skin. We particularly like EVOLVE because our patients experience little to no discomfort while undergoing treatment.

Radiofrequency waves work by targeting and killing your fat cells, which your body then eliminates naturally on its own. It also tightens the underlying structure of your skin, thereby boosting collagen and elastin production to encourage smooth and youthful curves.

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The Benefits of EVOLVE

EVOLVE is a convenient fat-reduction method, because unlike more invasive options, there are no incisions or recovery time involved. Because treatment generally only takes 20 to 45 minutes, you could have the procedure done on your lunch break and resume your normal day right after.

EVOLVE is FDA cleared, safe, and effective. You may need repeat treatments depending on your shape, but patients typically notice results after a month of treatment. EVOLVE is also much more cost effective than more invasive treatments like liposuction.

Are You a Candidate for EVOLVE?

EVOLVE is not a weight-loss method. It’s best for those who have excess pockets of fat or skin that they’d like to tighten up. So it’s a great treatment for those who’ve undergone intensive weight loss or who’ve noticed fat accumulation in certain areas. EVOLVE is not recommended for those with a body mass index over 30.